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King Richard goes to fight in a war abroad leaving his brother, Prince John, in charge of the kingdom and his daughter, Marian.  Prince John subsequently increases the taxes on the working classes to an oppressive level under the guise of supporting the war effort which leads to destitution. Marian, encouraged by her trusted servant and beloved mother figure, Cassandra, visits the nearby town of Nottingham to see the devastation firsthand.  During her visit, she is introduced to Robin and the other Shopkeepers.

     After confronting Prince John about the conditions in Nottingham, Marian is chastised by her uncle and his wealthy allies the Edevanes, and taxes are raised again. This leads to greater abuses by the authoritarian Tax Collectors led by The Sheriff.  When they try to arrest a mother and her children for non-payment, the Shopkeepers come to their rescue and are forced to flee into Sherwood Forest. Now called the Forest Fighters, this intrepid group of equal parts women and men dedicate themselves to fighting Prince John, his corruption, and The Wealthy who keep him in power.  Joined by a disenchanted Marian, they steal the tax money from the transport carriages, and redistribute it to the impoverished citizens of Nottingham, many of whom are subsequently forced to flee to Sherwood Forest as well, becoming the Forest Residents. During this time, Marian and Robin’s romance blossoms.

    The ire of Prince John grows as more money is lost, and after a particularly large theft, he vows revenge on the Forest Fighters and all those aiding them. Seizing on Prince John’s suspicions, The Sheriff convinces him that The Wealthy are helping the Forest Fighters and they are arrested.  To capture the Forest Fighters, Prince John sets Sherwood Forest on fire forcing the Forest Fighters and the Forest Residents to flee directly into his clutches, where they too are arrested. At this time, he discovers Marian has been helping the Forest Fighters.

    While in prison, the Edevane’s confess to Robin their part in the plot to execute King Richard.  With Marian’s help, Robin, Lord Edevane (who is similar in appearance to King Richard), and a group of Forest Fighters set off to rescue King Richard and infiltrate Prince John’s guard.   Lord Edevane remains in the cell to give King Richard and the rescue party time to escape; he is ultimately executed. King Richard and the Forest Fighters overthrow Prince John who is killed in his attempt to kill King Richard and peace and order are restored to the kingdom.  Marian and Robin are married and Marian becomes queen.

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