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Music in Sherwood

The songs recorded are what we consider structural pillars of both the characters and sound for Sherwood

Run Away With Me - (Sung by Marian and Robin)

Its exuberance is ultimately tempered, a reflection of love in a time of war where the romantic bond between two people can become stronger, united by a common cause, but, as in Robin and Marian’s case, it can also keep a relationship from full flower.

Growing Up - (Sung by Cassandra and Marian)

Musically, lyrically, and vocally, this song represents the beginning of Marian’s transformation from sheltered child to activist adult. It also represents the shift in Cassandra’s role from protector of Marian’s well-being to guardian of her morality.

A Foolish Game - (Sung by King Richard)

Its melancholy expresses the burden, regret, and personal sacrifice that accompanies failings of leadership; it also expresses the religious conflict that can arise following personal and professional hardship.

I Would Do Anything For You - (Sung by Prince John and The Sheriff)

It is another love song of sorts, that of a despot and a sycophant’s love of their power and position and shows both a willingness to be corrupt and be corrupted to maintain it.

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Sherwood: A New Musical - 5 Minute Pitch

Sherwood: A New Musical - 5 Minute Pitch

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King Richard goes to fight in a war abroad leaving his brother, Prince John, in charge of the kingdom and his daughter, Marian.  Prince John subsequently increases the taxes on the working classes to an oppressive level under the guise of supporting the war effort which leads to destitution. Marian, encouraged by her trusted servant and beloved mother figure, Cassandra, visits the nearby town of Nottingham to see the devastation firsthand.  During her visit, she is introduced to Robin and the other Shopkeepers.

     After confronting Prince John about the conditions in Nottingham ...

Creative Team

Suzanne Booker is the book writer and lyricist for Sherwood.  She is a trained scientist having earned her BS in Biology at the University of Cincinnati, her MS in Animal Science at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, and her DVM at the University of Melbourne in Australia.  

While studying, her passion for the arts only increased, writing Sherwood and another musical during veterinary school. She currently lives, practices, and writes in the NY/NJ area.

Book & Lyrics

Suzanne Booker


Richard is a freelance composer/performer/teacher based in New York who specializes in film composition, jazz performance, and woodwind performance.

Master of Music in Jazz Composition : Manhattan School of Music

Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies : USC Thornton School of Music


Richard Philbin

Like what you hear and see? We are looking for talented and enthusiastic humans to help bring Sherwood to the stage.  If you are interested, please contact us via our contact page.

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